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Several Design Of Plastic Facial Mask Tubes


Facial mask is a must for girls, even when outdoor or travel, beautiful girls have to wear their facial mask. So mask packaging is also an important product of plastic packaging factory. Today Zhenghao will introduce several commonly used plastic tube for mask packaging.

The plastic tube first recommended is reusable and can be used for facial mask many times. It was originally a bottle embryo that could be used to produce bottles in a injection blowing process, not only for liquid, candy, but also for more special use, it is a portable, eco friendly plastic facial mask tube, made of plastic PET materials and covered with aluminum cap. You can put the mask paper in first, then pour into the essence liquid to soak, after sealing the aluminum cover, you can take it out at will. Its advantages: no leakage, less space, will not be squeezed, sealed preservation, easy to carry, and the aluminum cover also makes the packaging look clean and refreshing.

The second one is plastic cosmetic soft tube. This kind of tube is also versatile for skin care, and it has stronger plasticity, ranging from a few milliliters to hundreds milliliters, and can be paired with a different lid. Generally use the flip top soft tube to pack mud mask, just squeeze the facial mask out like a facial cleanser. Its advantages are that it can be designed with different capacity and easy to carry and use. If you need to take a variety of personal care products, just need this set of tube with suitable capacity, they are packed separately, very clean and eco-friendly.

The third design is similar to the first one, but with a plastic cover and bright red color. This style is more used for packing pills also as a test tube, but it can still be used for packing facial masks. For bottle embryo type plastic tube, we support to customize OEM different capacity and color, both aluminum cover and plastic cover are okay for us.

Plastic tube is not a new design or new product, but it is a relatively new idea that used as mask packaging tube. If you need to buy plastic facial mask tubes in bulk, you can leave us a message or contact our online sales directly.

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