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PP Plasti Jar
PP Plasti Jar
PP Plasti Jar
PP Plasti Jar
PP Plasti Jar
PP Plasti Jar
PP Plasti Jar
PP Plasti Jar

PP Plasti Jar

Product Brochure:

Plastic Type:PP Product Name:plastic jar Technical:Injection-blowing Size :40oz 4oz
  • Introduction

The PP Plasti Jar is a premium quality, food-grade plastic container designed and manufactured using the advanced injection-blowing technology. Crafted from Polypropylene (PP), this jar offers exceptional durability, clarity, and versatility for packaging an array of products.

Key Features:

1.Material: Made from 100% food-safe PP plastic, which guarantees excellent chemical resistance, heat tolerance, and overall stability, making it ideal for both hot and cold contents.

2.Manufacturing Process: Employing the injection-blowing technique ensures uniform wall thickness, precise dimensions, and a seamless finish that enhances shelf appeal and functionality.

3.Size Options: Available in two versatile sizes - a generous 40 ounces for family-size or commercial use, as well as a convenient 4 ounces size suitable for travel, samples, or single-serve portions.

4.Leakproof Design: The jars come with secure and tamper-evident closures to preserve product freshness and prevent leakage during storage and transportation.

5.Stackable & Lightweight: The design allows for efficient stacking, reducing shipping costs and optimizing shelf space while maintaining its lightweight characteristic for easy handling.

6.Customization: These PP jars can be customized with various labeling and printing options such as silk-screen printing, hot stamping, or sticker labels, allowing for brand identity reinforcement.


Food Industry: Perfect for packaging jams, sauces, condiments, honey, dry foods like powders, nuts, and candies.

Cosmetics & Personal Care: Ideal for storing creams, lotions, hair care products, and beauty masks due to its non-reactive nature and hygienic properties.

Pharmaceuticals: Used for packaging ointments, supplements, and capsules, providing a safe and sterile environment.

Home & Industrial Use: Suitable for holding cleaning solutions, adhesives, paints, and other non-food items where a clear, durable container is needed.

Retail Packaging: Attractive on store shelves and great for promotional purposes or gifting because of its transparency and customization potential.

Whether you're looking to package your artisanal products or require a reliable solution for mass production, the PP Plasti Jar delivers superior performance across multiple sectors, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging alternative.


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