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Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle
Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle
Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle
Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle
Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle
Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle
Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle
Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle

Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle

Product Brochure:

Plastic Type:HDPE Surface Handling:Hot Stamping Color:white Capacity:40ml,45ml,60ml
  • Introduction

The Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle is a lightweight and durable packaging solution, specifically engineered for easy dispensing of creams, lotions, gels, and other liquid or semi-liquid products. Crafted with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this bottle offers an optimal blend of strength and flexibility.

Key Features:

1.Material Composition: Made from food-grade HDPE plastic, renowned for its chemical resistance, impermeability to moisture, and excellent durability, ensuring product integrity and shelf-life extension.

2.Surface Finish: The bottles are adorned using hot stamping technology, which provides a premium, metallic or foil finish on the surface for enhanced branding and aesthetic appeal.

3.Color Scheme: Available in pristine white, allowing for clear visibility of the contents while also reflecting a clean and professional image that complements a variety of product lines.

4.Customizable Sizes: Offered in multiple capacities - 40ml, 45ml, and 60ml – giving clients the flexibility to choose the right size for their specific product requirements and target market segments.

5.Squeezable Design: The squeezable nature of the bottle allows for controlled dispensing, making it user-friendly and reducing waste, perfect for travel-sized items as well as everyday use.


Personal Care: Ideal for packaging facial cleansers, hand sanitizers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and other skincare products where precise application is essential.

Cosmetics: Perfect for holding foundations, serums, body lotions, and makeup removers due to its compact size and convenient dispensing mechanism.

Pharmaceuticals: Suitable for topical ointments, medicated creams, and healthcare supplements that require measured dosages.

Home & Cleaning Products: Can be used for packing dish soap, laundry detergent pods, or multi-purpose cleaners in smaller quantities for travel or trial purposes.

Food Industry: Appropriate for condiments, sauces, or squeeze packets of honey, ketchup, or mustard.

This Hdpe Squeeze Plastic Bottle combines functionality and style to deliver a packaging solution that meets the demands of modern consumers across diverse industries, ranging from personal care to pharmaceuticals. Its compact design and efficient dispensing capabilities make it a versatile choice for businesses seeking to package their products in an appealing and practical way.


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