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2L PET  Detergent Bottle
2L PET  Detergent Bottle
2L PET  Detergent Bottle
2L PET  Detergent Bottle
2L PET  Detergent Bottle
2L PET  Detergent Bottle
2L PET  Detergent Bottle
2L PET  Detergent Bottle

2L PET Detergent Bottle

Product Brochure:

Plastic Type PET Surface Handling :Screen Printing Sealing Type :SCREW CAP Shape:square Shape Custom design:accept LOGO printing:accept Capacity:2000 ml
  • Introduction

The 2L PET Detergent Bottle is a high-capacity, square-shaped container designed for the packaging of liquid detergents and other household or industrial cleaning solutions. Crafted from premium Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic, this bottle offers durability, clarity, and an eco-friendly solution that is fully recyclable.

Key Features:

1.Material: Made with food-grade PET plastic which is not only lightweight but also highly resistant to impact, ensuring the bottle can withstand rigorous handling during transportation and use.

2.Design: A modern square shape that optimizes shelf space and provides a stable base, making it easy to store and dispense. This unique design sets it apart on retail shelves and in home environments.

3.Capacity: With a generous 2000 ml capacity, the bottle is ideal for large households, commercial laundries, or bulk purchases, reducing the need for frequent refills.

Surface Handling: The bottle surface is suitable for screen printing, allowing for vibrant, high-quality branding and product information, including custom logo printing to enhance brand identity.

4.Sealing Type: Equipped with a screw cap sealing mechanism that ensures secure closure, preventing leaks and preserving the freshness and effectiveness of the contents inside.

5.Customization: We offer customization options for both the bottle's design and labeling, so it can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different detergent brands or special promotions.


Household Cleaning: Perfect for storing and dispensing laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, all-purpose cleaners, and more.

Commercial Use: Ideal for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions where larger quantities of cleaning products are consumed regularly.

Retail Packaging: Designed to stand out in supermarkets and convenience stores as an attractive and practical option for consumers seeking value-size packaging.

Brand Promotion: As a versatile platform for branding and marketing campaigns, these bottles can be customized to reflect a company's image and values.

Industrial Applications: Suited for packaging various types of industrial cleaning agents, solvents, and chemicals that are compatible with PET containers.

In summary, the 2L PET Detergent Bottle combines functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics to provide an excellent packaging solution for manufacturers and consumers alike within the detergent and cleaning industry.


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